Intensive Courses

Our driving instructors are intensive driving course specialists.
At Steer2Freedom, we maximise your chances of getting the most out of your intensive driving course & passing your driving test first time, all whilst minimising the cost.

How? Because our friendly, experienced instructors teach a sensible, safe number of driving lessons each day, and this is easier to do with intense driving courses. So our instructors are always switched on. We send you to test only once you’ve covered the syllabus consistently. We’ll give you at least three mock tests before the big day. And because we’ll keep a much more detailed Record of Progress than the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency recommends.

But, here’s the really good news. Chances are, you’ll pay less overall, especially with intensive driving lessons. Some of those other schools could be making up their money with lessons you don’t need. When you learn with us, we’ll give you an honest ongoing evaluation via our Record of Progress of how many lessons we think you need.