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Becoming a Driving Instructor

Part 1 : Theory and Hazard Perception

Your first Driving Instructor Test is a theory exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. Steer2freedom has CD Rom’s and mock papers, answers and a range of self study materials, to help you in your revision for the both of these parts!


The Hazard Perception Test is the second element in the Part 1 Test. This Test is taken along with the multiple choice theory questions and makes up Part 1 of your training to become a Qualified Driving Instructor.

The training for the Hazard Perception Test will prepare you to identify hazards in video clips each with a duration of about one minute. The clips feature various types of hazards such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions. Full Training on Hazard Perception is given on the Driving Instructors Training Course.

Along with the Theory Test you will also be given a Hazard Perception Test and the two together complete Part One of your training.

Part 2 : Driving Ability

This is a hands on, on the road course where all traininig takes place in the car. We teach and refine your driving skills to ensure you reach the high standards of the Driving Standards Agency.

Steer2freedom will correct any bad habits you may have to train you to the required level of driving standards

The Part 2 Test is a practical test similar to the Learner Driver Test but more advanced.

It is a Test of a driver’s eyesight and skills on the road. A high standard of competence is required, as you would expect from a Qualified Driving Instructor.

This Test takes about one hour and the examiner is looking for :

  • Expert handling of the controls
  • Use of correct road procedure
  • Anticipation of the actions of other road users and taking the appropriate action
  • Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing
  • Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users
  • Driving in an environmentally friendly manner

The test will also include various set manoeuvres.

These will all be covered in your on-road training. We use the most modern, up to date driver techniques and more economical driving skills.

We will help you with all matters relating to the Test of Driving Ability and provide 100% of your training on the road.

Passing the test

A maximum of six minor faults and no major faults is permitted in order to pass the Test.There is a limit to the number of times this Test may be taken within two years.

Three fails of the Part 2 Test within two years result in a candidate being required to wait until those two years are up before undertaking the Part 2 Test again to become a Driving Instructor.

Failing the eyesight test will result in the loss of one of the three attempts so we will make sure well beforehand that you are able to meet the eyesight requirements.

Part 3 : Instructional Ability

This part of the training prepares you for the Test in instruction, which is an essential skill for any Driving Instructor. There are 10 basic scenarios used in the Test, so your training will cover all of these thoroughly. The training takes place in the car and consists of 10 four hour sessions.

Once the 40 hour Training Course is completed you may be awarded a Trainee Licence. Now the training you have received will really kick in and your own road and driving experience will also be drawn on. A Trainee Licence will allow you to work with a Driving School and give paid Driving Instructions before taking the Part 3 Test. This can only be obtained after successfully passing the Part 2 Test, this Licence has a duration of six months.

Practical experience gained in this way will be essential in preparing you for the Part 3 Test and will confirm that you are heading for success. At this stage the work with a Driving School can still be fitted in around your current commitments.

Steer2Freedom will provide the extra twenty hours training you need by law to allow you to reach the Test standard.

The Part 3 Instructor’s Test is a Practical Test of the candidates ability to instruct a learner driver. The Test is an assessment of your ability to find driving faults, analyse them and put in place remedial action to resolve the problem.

The Part 3 Driving Instructor’s Test is the final stage in the journey to become a Qualified Driving Instructor . You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving instruction to the Examiner.

Preparation & Licence

On passing the Part 1 (Theory Test) and Part 2 (Driving Test) you then have a compulsory 40 hours of Driving Instructor Training. After these 40 hours are complete, a Trainee Licence may be obtained under the patronage of a Driving School. You will then be given the opportunity to earn as you learn.

Studying for the Instructors Test

The Part 3 Instructor Test is a test of the candidates skills, knowledge and ability to instruct a novice or partly trained pupil, a pupil who is about Test Standard or a qualified driver undertaking development training. The object of this Test is to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils.

The Test is in 2 parts, each of which lasts about half an hour.

In the first part (Phase 1) the Examiner will take on the role of a pupil who is just beginning or a learner driver with limited knowledge.

In the second part (Phase 2), the Examiner will take on the role of a pupil who is near Test Standard or a full licence holder who wishes to improve driver skills. At all times the Examiner will carefully explain what is expected of you.

Taking the Instructors Test

The Test will be conducted by a Driving Standards Agency Supervising Examiner and it will last for 1 hour. You will be assessed on your ability to give instruction and to pass on your knowledge to pupils.

You are only allowed three attempts at the Instructors Test which have to be taken (or booked) within two years of passing the Part 1 Test.

You can enjoy these benefits:

  • Enjoyable, rewarding Career
  • Flexible hours to fit around family and other commitments
  • Work for yourself but not by yourself
  • Optimum target earnings of £700 per week can and has been achieved
  • Ideal for individuals looking for a new opportunity or to re-skill after redundancy, illness or leaving the Forces
  • Gain the satisfaction of teaching people a skill that will transform their lives.